Murdoch to launch The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper


The iPad is about to be Murdoched. The News Corp. CEO who hates the free Internet is planning an iPad newspaper, reports WWD. Called “The Daily,” the digital paper will cost $.99 a week ($4.25 per month) and have a newsroom of 100+ staff. The new paper will cover the country and break stories like any national news outlet, though The Daily will not have foreign correspondents or any staff in Washington D.C. This report seems to coincide with a story back in August pointing toward a new digital newspaper from News Corp.

“There are three managing editors,” reports John Koblin of WWD Media. “Mike Nizza, a veteran of The New York Times, AOL News and The Atlantic; Steve Alperin, a producer at ABC News, and Pete Picton, an online editor at The Sun in the U.K. Alperin’s TV experience gives a hint to a valuable part of the newsroom: In addition to journalists, there will be plenty of people producing videos. Also, there will be lots of design staff.”

The paper should go into beta by Christmas and go public in early 2011.

On the Internet, but off

While it is difficult to see people paying for newspapers in this day and age, News Corp. and The New York Times have seen some success with online subscriptions. The key to this new paper, however, will be its exclusivity to the iPad and other tablet devices. Though it’s strange to imagine, The Daily, may be a digital news outlet that never has a standard website. It may live entirely in the app space, with no pages searchable by Google or other search engines.

The news is both exciting and frightening. It’s great to see a new newspaper opening up in this climate, but scary to think that it might start a trend where users are forced to subscribe to every piece of media they consume. With the growth of apps, the Internet itself seems to be fragmenting into a free PC world and a segmented paid land.

Would you pay for a daily paper delivered to your iPad?