New app Clik can control any browser from your phone

demoToday the makers of the messenger app Kik, Kik Interactive, introduced their new product, Clik, for Android and iOS. But although the apps feature similar names, that’s where their shared functions end. Clik is a new platform that links your browser-friendly screens and turns the smartphone into a truly universal remote.

Plenty of smart TV users have been able to navigate their living room screens with the help of tablets packaged as accessories, built-in apps manufacturers include in their lineup of smart products, or standalone applications that unite the TV with tablet or smartphone. But now the technology has been expanded for those us with lowly computer screens we want to remotely control – and it’s incredibly easy.

To use the new app, you begin by visiting, which generates a unique QR code. Then you open the app and line up camera up with the image on your desktop, and the app syncs with your computer. From there you can select videos from within the app (it connects with YouTube) and play and control them on your desktop. You can pause, turn up the sound, and favorite the video as well.

From the app, you can also share with Facebook and Twitter (your computer screen won’t redirect).

Clik can obviously be used with a tablet or smart TV as well – anything with a browser is fair game. There’s also a multiplayer mode so you and friends can simultaneously use the app. 

In our hands on with Clik, we were most impressed with how immediate everything is. There’s virtually no time lost loading the video on the phone or the screen, and manipulating sound and pausing and restarting were equally satisfying.

Of course our initial thought was “only YouTube videos?” We like the idea of being able to pull up every Website we know we’ll need access to before we’re in the door — or have control of Spotify across a crowded room. Or being able to run a Web-built and based presentation from the other end of the room via Clik. Or getting your phone and computer synced up and running Hulu or Netflix or Pandora or This is an unending list, meaning Clik has infinite possibilities about where to go from here. It’s looking for new partners and set on expansion, so we’re sure this is only the beginning.