New iPad runs 10 degrees hotter than iPad 2, test shows

idc ipad still dominates tablet market apple announces the new mainIt seems like the new iPad is the best iPad yet for warming hands. But it wasn’t built for that.

Since the latest iteration of Apple’s popular tablet hit the shelves last week, there’s been talk in a number of forums about the device warming up rather more than expected.

“I’m loving the screen and speed but there’s something weird about it. It gets rather warm/hot after 30minutes of usage. It has never happened on my iPad 2,” said one poster on the Apple Support Community pages. “My new iPad definitely got significantly warm, almost too warm to hold,” said another.

All this heat-based hullabaloo prompted Dutch website Tweakers (translated) to run a few tests to see if the operating temperature of the new iPad is indeed higher than that of the previous version.

Using an infrared camera in its experiment, Tweakers found that the hottest part of the new device was 33.6 degrees Celsius (92.5 Fahrenheit), whereas the iPad 2 was running at a cooler 28.3 degrees Celsius (83 Fahrenheit).

new ipad runs 10 degrees hotter than 2 test shows temperatureTweakers claimed the device’s new quad-core graphics processing unit was the likely cause of the warmer temperature.

Ten degrees sounds like a significant jump in temperature, though thankfully the new iPad doesn’t appear to be blistering fingers or scorching table tops. If anything, Tweakers’ test has simply served to confirm what many owners of the new iPad had suspected – but hadn’t been able to say for certain.

Either way, any concerns about the new iPad’s operating temperature certainly appear to have had no effect on sales of the device on its opening weekend, with Apple announcing on Monday that it had sold an impressive three million units. The Cupertino company described it as “the strongest iPad launch yet.”

[Source: Apple Insider / Engadget]