New MacBook Air specs, iLife announcements leak before Apple press event

It should be surprise no one that Apple’s Back to the Mac event will have its share of new product announcements, namely its new OS (largely rumored to be named Lion) and the latest version of the MacBook Air. Steve Jobs has been drawing attention to his company, what with a contentious Twitter war with Android developers and some bold statements about Apple’s market dominance during a conference call this week. Still, nothing has built suspense for the press event like the rumors surrounding a possible specs leak by Apple in its own forums.

Apple leaks details in forum

The Polish site Spider’s Web broke the story early this morning that Apple had posted on its own site forum topics to preface Back to the Mac. They’ve since been taken down, but a few screenshots seem to confirm that Apple posted discussions focusing on “MBA” (MacBook Air) “iMovie 11,” plus “iPhoto 11,” “GarageBand 11,” and There’s also speculation that Apple’s got a “mystery” product up its sleeve based on a discussion named “Reserved 20 10,” so at least there’s some suspense left for today’s big unveiling.

But most attention is naturally focused on the long-anticipated update to the MacBook Air, and if Engadget is on the right track, then there’s little left to the imagination. The site revealed what appear to be leaked specs that detail an even more compact version of the already small laptop. The site’s “trusted source” had some significant information about the MacBook Air:

  • Again, it’s smaller. Way smaller, with an 11.6-inch screen — which should mean less expensive.
  • Comes with 2GB of memory
  • No optical drive.

Any details about graphics and storage are still unknown, but not for long. Apple will stream its Back to the Mac live from its Cupertino headquarters this morning. Stay tuned to DT for up-to-the-minute coverage throughout the morning.