New Potato offers TuneLink Auto Bluetooth-to-FM transmitter

New Potato Technologies has announced its TuneLink Auto for iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad, enabling users of iOS devices to connect to their vehicle’s built-in audio systems via Bluetooth. Users simply pair their iOS device with the TuneLink Auto, and the TuneLink Auto sends the music to the car’s radio via a short-range FM transmitter tuned to an available frequency. Or, if a car already has an auxiliary input, folks can use a wired connection instead.

“In our view, a great car solution should be heard and not seen,” said New Potato CEO Stuart Ross, in a statement. “We have created TuneLink to be small, portable, and stealthy to serve this vision.”

new potato offers tunelink auto bluetooth to fm transmitter

TuneLink includes a “best of class” Bluetooth transceiver and a short-range FM transmitter, and pops into a standard 12V power socket in a car dashboard. Users control the TuneLink via a free application from the iTunes App Store, and the TuneLink is smart enough to switch to a Bluetooth headset if a call comes in—that way users don’t have to muss with setting or cables to take a call while driving. TuneLink also features a sharing function that enables multiple users to share the same TuneLink Bluetooth connection and play music through the car speakers. New Potato also touts the TuneLink’s “Humbuster” noise elimination technology that aims to provide high quality audio. The TuneLink device also features a 2.1 amp fast charge USB port for charging up USB devices on the go.

If there’s a downside to TuneLink, it might have everything to do with where customers live: finding an open FM frequency for an in-car transmitter is simpler in some areas than others.

The TuneLink Auto is available now from New Potato, and should hand at retailers in mid-December for a suggested price of $99.99.

new potato offers tunelink auto bluetooth to fm transmitter