NYC band plays iPhone concert on the subway


It’s important to enjoy the finer things in life. Atomic Tom knows this. On October 8, the band played an impromptu performance on a New York City subway car. It’s not entirely unusual for an artist to try to perform on or around the subway, but Atomic Tom decided to play one of their songs solely on iPhones. Each of the iPhones was running software that emulated the sound of drums, guitars, and bass. As if all playing a game of Rock Band, the rock band belted out their single, Take Me Out, on the B Train.

The band is promoting its newest album, The Moment, which is available on iTunes and other digital download sites like Amazon MP3. A YouTube video of the performance was pasted together from video captured on three separate iPhones and has quickly risen to nearly 1 million views. Several of the group’s fans can be seen in the video; they were alerted of the concert via Twitter.

It’s a fun video to watch, if only to see the mustached guitarist and shocked people on the subway. We know that Atomic Tom is making a few bucks, since they all have expensive iPhones with data plans. That said, would it have hurt to splurge and get a few iPads?

This isn’t the first video like this. Artists have used iPhones and iPads in creative ways since apps started appearing. In July, a band called Dr. Pants filmed an entire music video using iPhones.