Oregon Scientific Drops Price on iBall

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There are a million iPod accessories right? So what makes this one so cool? Well for starters it uses 2.4GHz with spread spectrum (that’s the key) technology to stream music from the base, where your iPod is plugged in, to the receiving speaker. You can use either rechargeable batteries or AC power to run the system. The display will show you a clock as well as the volume and audio settings.

On the compatibility front, the iBall will work with the Apple iPod, nano, or Shuffle players (includes seven adapters) plug there is a line-in jack for plugging in anything else you might want.

The regular price of the iBall used to be $249, but Oregon Scientific just lowered it to $179 which is sure to turn heads.

So how cool is the iBall really? We have not had a chance to test it, but Wired Magazine rated it a 9 out of 10, plus it one a 2006 CES innovations award. Enough props for ya?

Grab the Oregon Scientific iBall here!