OS X Mavericks photo gallery

Earlier today, Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference with a boatload of new product announcements and software updates, perhaps the most notable of which was the unveiling of the new Mavericks operating system. Not only does this bring an end  to the Big Cats era, it also brings OS X a plethora of new features, functions, and improvements.

Some of the biggest and most important changes came to OS X’s default file manager, Finder. Mavericks (as we predicted) brings tabbed browsing to Finder, along with a new tagging feature that makes finding your files easier to search than ever before.

Apple also included a new notification system (think Growl, but with more features and advanced use options), a new Maps application, improved calendar, multi-screen functions, and a bunch of clever little software tricks that improve overall system performance. Check out our full article on OS X Mavericks to learn more.