Other World Computing discounts hardware, Apple gear for holidays

OCWBy now, you’re all too aware of the Black Friday deals. Target, Amazon, Radio Shack…they’ve all released (or leaked) their red, green, chaos-filled, full-page ads announcing their discounts. Large retailers have been heavily advertising their TVs, iPods, and tablets this year – choosing to focus on general consumer electronics. But finding gifts for advanced gadget lovers is slightly more difficult, and there are far fewer ads for items like external hard drives and RAM memory upgrades.

For those who don’t want to wade into the crowds at malls, online retailer Other World Computing today announced some extremely competitive Black Friday discounts you can take advantage of at home. The site’s sale begins November 24 and runs through Cyber Monday, and OWC will wave your shipping fee if you spend over $139.99. You’ll also have the option of checking out via Amazon, and doing so will save you $50 on your purchase.

Better yet, OWC is a certified Apple developer and carries new Mac accessories and refurbished hardware. If you’re looking to save a little on a slightly outdated model, then you should definitely peruse this site before heading to Craigslist or eBay. If all you want is a new iPhone case, they’ve got that too – and probably for less than Apple’s Black Friday prices.

Here’s a look at some of OWC’s best discounts:

  • Power adapter for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro$47.99 ($31 savings)
  • Apple Magic Mouse: Bluetooth multi-touch wireless mouse – $49.99 ($20 savings)
  • 12-inch iBook, OS X 10.4 – $195 ($104 savings)
  • Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard for Mac or iPad – $44.99 ($25 savings)
  • Mac OS X 10.6, 5-user family pack with iWork and iLife$177.99 ($52 savings)
  • Blu-ray/DVD Read/write internal kit for Mac Pro$139.99 ($60 savings)
  • Acer 24-inch Pro LED Backlit display – $259.99 ($70 savings)
  • LG 10X Blu-ray player + DVD/CD burner – $139.00 ($70.99 savings)
  • Matias Portable Office/laptop stand – $39 ($80.95 savings)
  • Eyeball HD Webcam w/mic – $45 ($34 savings)