Crouching, climbing, and creeping, the perfect Instagram shot knows no bounds

Just how far will you go for the perfect Instagram? A recent survey shows just how willing Instagram users -- and Instagram husbands -- are to climb, lie down, embarrass themselves or let their food go cold for the perfect shot.

American consumers think Apple is leading the way in 5G — but it’s not

While Samsung and Huawei are expected to unveil 5G smartphones this year, Apple will most likely lag behind and finally launch a 5G iPhone in 2020. Despite that, American consumers seem to think that Apple is a leader in the world of 5G.

How to use Screen Time on iOS 12 to cut down on your phone use

It's easy to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your iPhone -- just turn on Screen Time. Apple's Screen Time app gives you an overview of when you use your phone, and you can set time limits or lock apps entirely.

5G’s promises are real, but like 4G LTE the full rollout will take time

5G is an improvement on 4G LTE, but transitionary periods are never easy — especially when unreasonable marketing hype creates misconceptions. We take a look at how the 5G rollout compares to the 4G LTE one.

Viber is finally getting group calling, along with a slick new design

Viber has announced Viber 10, a radical redesign of the Viber app that puts an emphasis on easy navigation and access to things like Viber Communicates, chatbots, and so on. On top of that, the app is getting group calls.

Apple Watch fall detection saves life of ‘bloody and unconscious’ man in Norway

A 67-year-old man was found "bloody and unconscious" after Apple Watch's fall detection alerted emergency services. The man suffered fractures on his face, but it may have gone much worse if the Apple Watch did not get help so quickly.

31 iPhone 7 tips, tricks, and features to supercharge your phone

There is more to the iPhone 7 than meets the eye, that is, assuming you know where to look. Here are 31 iPhone 7 tips and tricks to get you started, so you can tap into everything Apple's smartphone has to offer.

The MacBook Air has its charms, but is the XPS 13 unbeatable?

This year, the MacBook Air got a huge refresh, making it closer in size to the compact XPS 13. Both wildly popular 13-inch notebooks run Intel's 8th-Generation processors. If you're shopping for a notebook, we'll help you decide.

Apple will roll out a fix to the huge FaceTime security bug next week

A FaceTime bug lets you listen to the audio of the person you're calling before they've even answered. The bizarre flaw was discovered this week and Apple says it will have a solution at some point next week.

Apple iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Is a bigger iPhone better?

Apple's iPhone 7 is still a decent phone, but there's also the iPhone 7 Plus. The difference isn't just in size, so which should you pick? We break down the specs, price, and pick a winner in different categories to help you decide.

How to make your phone last longer in cold weather

Brr, it's cold! Smartphones are affected by the cold, and phone batteries are impacted worst of all. Here are a few tips on how you can make your phone last longer during cold weather snaps.

Apple patents a transformable glass keyboard for MacBooks

Apple's latest patent filing shows that the company might be searching for an alternative to the standard keyboard with a morphable glass top layer that can adapt to provide a physical response when typing.

Apple patent hints at Force Touch volume rocker on a future iPhone

Apple is continuing its war on physical buttons, and has filed a patent for a volume rocker that uses Apple's Force Touch tech. The tech could end up being used on either the iPhone or the Apple Watch at some point in the future.

Google removes its own data-collection app after it got past Apple

Only a day after Apple removed Facebook's Research data collection app from its systems, Google removed a data collection app of its own, which it also managed to get past Apple. The app is called Screenwise Meter.

In 2018, smartphone sales stopped growing annually for the first time

Two data analysis companies have said that in 2018, the smartphone market declined for the first time, meaning we all bought fewer smartphones than ever before. Plans are already in place to change that in 2019.

Teens, young adults willingly shared private data with Facebook for cash

Would you willingly share data like private messages with Facebook in exchange for $20 a month? A Facebook Research app does just that. After a report questioned the app's data collection, Apple removed the iOS app.
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Apple Music subscribers can listen and watch for free on American Airlines

Apple Music is a great way to listen to your tunes when on Wi-Fi or if you have a good data plan. On a plane? Forget about it. Starting Friday, if you fly American Airlines domestically, it won't cost you (an additional) cent.

Easily settle your debts with these 10 money-transfer apps

We live in a day and age when convenience is of the utmost priority. Thankfully, these money-transfer apps help you send money to friends, family, and acquaintances with ease, so you can leave your checks at home.