Snapchat now uses the iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera to make better filters

Snapchat now uses the same tech as Face ID to make sure that your Lenses look amazing every time. Thanks to integration with Apple's TrueDepth data, Lenses can now add shadows, highlights, and track movement better than before.

Apple ProRes RAW promises faster RAW video workflows for Final Cut Pro X

Designed to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality, ProRes RAW gives videographers and filmmakers the latitude of RAW with the performance of ProRes for real-time editing in MacOS and Final Cut Pro X.

Apple plans a radically redesigned Mac Pro for 2019

After teasing that a new Mac Pro was in the works last year, Apple convened another reporter roundtable to clear up the Mac Pro timeline and illustrate just what we should expect from the new and improved Mac Pro.

Master your big-screened Apple iPad with these handy tips and tricks

Ready for the latest iPad tips and tricks to revolutionize your iPad use? Whether you just bought the newest iPad or have had one for years, here are the tools you should know about, and exactly how to use them.

Tinder begins testing a new video looping feature to add to profiles

Tinder announced it is testing a new feature that allows users to swipe through more than just photos. With Loops, you'll be able to create a two-second loop from an existing video that you can add to your profile.

These language apps are almost as good as having a babelfish in your ear

Learning a language other than your own can be tough. Thankfully, these five apps will help you learn a foreign tongue with a variety of lessons, quizzes, and other activities that are designed to make you more fluent.

Want to watch Netflix in bed or browse the web? We have a tablet for everyone

There’s so much choice when shopping for a new tablet that it can be hard to pick the right one. From iPads to Android, these are our picks for the best tablets you can buy right now.

Battery battle: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, and more

David Cogen of TheUnlockr put six of the best phones to the test to see which one has the longest-lasting battery. How will the Samsung Galaxy S9 stack up against its competition, including the iPhone X and S8 Plus?

Apple is working on touchless controls and curved screens for the iPhone

Apple is apparently seeking to differentiate itself from the crowd, and according to rumors concerning developments within Apple, it may do so - but don't expect to see much of this tech for a few years yet.

These are the best iPad cases and covers for the new 2018 iPad

The iPad is powerful, but it isn't invincible. Thankfully, we've rounded up some of the best iPad cases and covers for Apple's latest tablet, just in case you want to outfit your device with some added protection.

These are the 5 best iPhone camera lenses you can get your hands on

One of the easiest ways to take your iPhone photography to the next level is to invest in additional glass. We rounded up the five best iPhone camera lenses on the market across every price point.
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Still the best, and now even better, the iPad remains king of the tablets

Whether you need a large-screen device for work or play, your best option is Apple’s new iPad. It has a good-looking screen, great battery life, fluid software with multi-tasking features, and it works with the fantastically-precise Apple…