Parody Apple commercial features iPhone 5 as a DSLR

iPhone 5 DSLR camera parody

Full Coverage From Apple's 9/12 iPhone 5 Launch EventWe’ve all been duped. My colleague Andrew Couts’ theory about Apple purposely leaking false information about the iPhone 5 was right: the new Apple product will be nothing like we’ve ever seen. Because it’s actually a DSLR camera.

Well, at least it might as well be. In this hilarious parody video by online video artist Adam Sacks, the iPhone 5 is re-imagined as a camera because it appears people are only using iPhones to take photos for social media. Particularly, to snap pictures of food. Technically, Sacks isn’t that far off in theory.


Featuring a less-than-portable body, the “iPhone 5” looks suspiciously like a Canon camera with an iPhone slapped in the back. Hmm, where are the patent trolls now?

This new iPhone model, of course, is completely different from its predecessors other than the obvious physical form. No longer will the iPhone 5 accommodate a myriad of apps — it will only feature one: the Camera. The hardware even includes a 50 mm macro lens, so you can take shots so close to your food, your social media friends can almost taste it. 

“These pictures look so good, no one will ever wonder why you lie awake at night wondering why you can’t feel happiness,” fictional Apple Vice President of iPhone Product Design Greg Mansfield says. “The photos are sure to garner all the likes, hearts, plusses, pins, stars, reposts, reblogs, retumbles, and retweets that you’ve used to replace human connection in your life.”

The video even goes on to make fun of the barely functioning Siri, who will throw in personal comments of the foods you’ve photographed. Of course, only to stutter and repeat herself three times. 

Although we can only hope that Apple will throw a curveball our way and show us something completely unexpected when the new iPhone officially unveils next month, it’s safe to say that the iPhone 5, 6, 6S, or whatever the model name might be probably won’t be a DSLR. We can’t say the same about people who will end up using them to photograph food pics anyway though.