PhoneSuit Flex keeps your iPhone 5 charged, fits in your pocket


Launching last week, the PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger is a compact, stylish battery that can recharge a dead iPhone 5 completely in two hours or less depending on usage. Attaching directly to the Lightning connector at the bottom of the iPhone 5, the charger packs a hefty 2600 mAh battery that PhoneSuit claims will provide up to 125 percent of extra power. More than seventy percent larger than the battery capacity of the Mophie Helium, the charger will raise the battery life on the iPhone 5 by an average of one percent each minute that it’s plugged into the smartphone. 

flex-iphone-5-chargerRather than carrying around a cable to charge up the iPhone 5, Flex owners can leave the device attached to the bottom of the phone to provide constant charging or slip the charger into a pocket, laptop bag or purse. The charger has been specifically designed to work with the majority of iPhone 5 slim cases as well. In addition, users can continue making calls, surfing the Web and playing games while the Flex is plugged into the iPhone. 

On the right side of the Flex, PhoneSuit has included an electrostatic touch button that will activate a LED light meter used to indicate the amount of power left in the battery. Above that button, users will find the connection for the USB charging cable. If the charging cable is attached while the Flex is connected to the iPhone 5, both devices will be charged. 

In regular use, the battery will allow iPhone 5 users to talk on the phone an additional 18 hours, watch 22 hours of video or listen to 90 hours of music before recharging the battery. Ideally, the Flex would be handy on extended vacations in remote locations. It would also be useful for power users that constantly use the smartphone during the day for business purposes. PhoneSuit has priced the Flex at a MSRP of $69.99 and offers the device in red, blue and gray. 

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