Photos: Case-Mate displays colorful and stylish Spring 2012 collection at CES

Of all the iPhone case booths we saw on the CES show floor, Case-Mate‘s was by far our favorite for females looking for stylish and fun cases. The company has done a great job offering many different types of cases in fun and fashionable colors and textures, more so than any other booth we visited. They didn’t have as much in the way of cases for the guys in your life, with the exception of the great new Marvel series, but in our experience it’s the women who like to change up their cases the most anyway.

We like that Case-Mate has rugged tough cases that come in colors other than the typical outdoorsy orange and green, offering the Phantom and Tank cases in more female-friendly colors like teal and purple. From there, the company showed off everything from minimalistic cases in fun and sophisticated solid colors, to artist series printed cases, to runway-inspired accessories and clutches in luxe fabrics and trendy color combinations. They even have a new Glam case that is bedazzled and manages to not look like it was ripped off of a teenager at the mall.

The Case-Mate representative we spoke to emphasized that the case you choose says a lot about your personality, and we tend to agree. Whether you like to keep things simple or want to make a bold fashion statement, we’re happy to see such a wide variety of great cases available that can spice things up and display your sense of style.