Photos: New iPad sleeve from Grove wraps it up in wool felt and bamboo

The new iPad is here, and with it new accessories. The next-gen iOS tablet does have a slightly different body than its predecessor, and that means you’re going to have to reinvest in some new cases and sleeves if you plan on protecting your device.

And Grove has you covered. The iconic Portland-based iOS accessory-makers have already introduced its bamboo hardwood case for the new iPad, but just to give you options Grove is also releasing a sleeve. It’s made out of wool felt and bamboo, keeping with the manufacturer’s clean and minimalist – yet surprisingly protective – designs.

The sleeve’s magnetic edges enclose the iPad, so it’s not exposed to the elements. And Smart Cover fans won’t have to sacrifice; you can fit it inside the new sleeve. Worth noting: it’s compatible with all iPad models.

The Wool Felt iPad Sleeve is available in two different shades of gray and costs $79. Check out the photos [via Grove’s Flickr] of the eye-catching accessory.