‘Piano’ is iPad Mini’s first commercial

iPad Mini 'Piano' commercialPerhaps hoping to make the iPad Mini even more of a blockbuster than it already is, Apple has released the first TV ad for its 7-inch tablet. The new ad stays true to Apple’s established minimal advertisement style and now-famous “product as hero” strategy, showcasing the iPad Mini superimposed on a pure white background.

The iPad Mini’s ‘Piano’ advert made its debut at Apple’s media event that officially announced the tiny tablet, but now it’s available to a broader audience (ie: people who had better things to do than watch the keynote speech). Either way, whether you watched it’s original debut or for the first time now, the TV spot won’t be shocking in the least. It seems as though Apple learned from past mistakes that it shouldn’t mess with what works in its advertising.

In the commercial, Apple shows off both of its new iPad products: the refreshed, fourth-generation iPad and the new miniature version. It starts off with the 9.7-inch version plunking out one half of Heart and Soul using GarageBand. We are forced to endure the agony of an unfinished song for a brief moment until finally the iPad Mini joins the party to complete the duet. This is the part where we all marvel at the iPad Mini running an app as complicated as GarageBand. Of course, we already know the iPad Mini sports very capable internals and that both devices share the same resolution, which effectively absolves any worries regarding app compatibility across the tablets.

If you’re sold on Apple’s latest tablet — which follows the design of the iPhone 5 more closely than the current iPad — it’s available for sale right now. If you’re looking to order it online, you can expect a two week wait for the Wi-Fi only version. On Apple’s website, the cellular version is getting a quoted shipping date of mid November. However, if you simply cannot wait to get your hands on Apple’s latest then you can brave the outdoors and enter a traditional brick-and-mortar store today to get your fix. Prices start at $330 for the 16GB, Wi-Fi only variant.

Not everyone’s a fan of the smaller form-factor — even Apple was against for a long time — but all signs are pointing to another bona fide success from the Apple hit-making machine. Check out the commercial below and see if it wins you over.

So does the iPad Mini leave you salivating? Would you rather splurge for the full-size version? Or is something like the Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 more your style?