Picture the “iSlate”: The Apple Tablet Gets Some Design Details


The tension is unbearable. Our sweaty palms slip as we try to click the mouse to search for the newest news, photos and rumors for the Apple tablet. In truth, Apple better not disappoint us. Seriously—look at this build up—this thing better compliment you and make you lunch because if it does anything short of that the American people are going to be peeved. Well, we still don’t know what it will do or if it makes good sandwiches, but we do have some new gossip on what this legendary tablet may look like.

The AppleInsider reported today that its sources have led them to believe that the tablet will look exactly like a giant iPhone. The Apple tablet supposedly looks like a larger version of the first generation iPhone but flatter, sleeker and a lot shinier. According to the source the tablet is cased in an aluminum shell that’s thinner than the original iPhone and the tablet reportedly sports all of the same buttons found on the handset, including its iconic home button.

The sources also point out that the tablet rendition pictured above is the closest depiction they’ve seen of the actual iSlate device—just like the rendering, its 10-inch display is framed by a black border with a wrap-around aluminum enclosure.

Another report today, collected from the Street, claims the Apple tablet will have a docking station that would also connect to a physical keyboard and mouse. This is an interesting notion, but to be honest, we feel a docking station and keyboard accessories may take away from the tablet-appeal. If you wanted a docking station, a keyboard, and a mouse then just buy an iMac or a MacBook Air.

What do you think? Anyone have an opinion on the docking station situation?

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