PodZinger Launches Video Podcast Search

Podcast search engine PodZinger has expanded its scope, now enabling users to conduct text searches of video podcasts in addition to audio podcast offerings.

Launched in January 2006, PodZinger applies speech recognition technology to podcasts to create a searchable index of material contained in podcasts and, even better, display the search results in context so users don’t have to download tens of megabytes of a podcast to hear what their search turned up. While the results of automated speech recognition can sometimes fall down with technical terms, names, and other proper nouns, Podzinger’s search service remains unique and enables podcast enthusiasts to quickly locate interesting feeds. PodZinger currently indexes nearly 100,000 podcasts.

“The explosion of online video, fueled by the growing adoption of broadband technologies in the home and office, and offerings from media outlets such as MTV, VH1 and ABC, has heightened the need for an effective, user-friendly search engine to help users find their favorite topics,” said Alex Laats, PodZinger’s president.

Video podcast search results are presented in context; Windows users can view video in context using either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player with Internet Explorer, or Apple’s QuickTime with the Firefox browser. Mac OS X users can view video podcast search results in Apple’s Safari Web browser.