Protect your iPad’s back with Kicks rubber pads

protect your ipads back with kicks rubber pads protective for ipad

The iPad 2 has an impressively sleek profile. We’ve all oohed and ahhed over the slim aluminum body, so it’s understandable that some people don’t want to cover it up in a bulky case. Knowing that fact, Apple created the clever, and also sleek, Smart Cover alongside the release of the iPad 2. Smart Covers are colorful, slim, protect your iPad from scratches, and help the device wake and sleep when you want it to. It seems like a great solution, except for one problem. The Smart Cover does absolutely nothing to protect the backside of your iPad 2, and that can mean scratches and dents. Bluelounge has created a simple product that solves this problem while maintaining a slim silhouette. Bluelounge’s Kicks ($12) are long rubber strips that adhere to the back of your iPad, like bumpers, to keep your device away from hard surfaces that might create scratches.

Kicks use 3M adhesive to securely stick to your iPad, but won’t leave any residue and can easily be removed or repositioned. The light grey color blends in with the iPad’s aesthetic, and the rubber bumpers won’t interfere with any folding or positioning of your Smart Cover. How come no one ever thought of this before?