Recreate your favorite Apple events with this Steve Jobs action figure

Steve Jobs Action Figure In IconsLeaving aside the questionable timing of such a product, and the lack of the word “official” anywhere on the site; the appearance of In Icons’ Steve Jobs action figure is sure to garner plenty of interest, not least because it’s startlingly realistic.

The figure will stand 12-inches tall and it comes with a wide variety of accessories, including his trademark blue jeans and black turtleneck top, a pair of socks, a tiny pair of New Balance shoes and two pairs of glasses.

With the figure all dressed up, he needs somewhere to go, so a stool and a backdrop with “One More Thing…” written on it provides the perfect chance to recreate your favorite Apple events from years gone by.

That’s not all either, as the set will also include two apples, one with a bite out of it (they do understand he never sold actual apples, right?), and not one or even two, but three pairs of hands. Sadly though, the pictured miniature Mac, iPhone and iPad won’t come with the figure.

It’s yours for $99 and will be available from February, provided that in the meantime, the operation isn’t shut down by Steve Jobs’ estate, who’ve previously taken a dim view of similar action figures.

Do you consider In Icons’ figure to be a touching tribute, or tasteless cash-in?

Steve Jobs Action Figure In Icons2