Rockfish iCapsule turns an iPad into a notebook

There’s no shortage of accessories in the ecosystem serving the Apple iPad, but every now and again something catches our eye—such as the Rockfish iCapsule, which compares a hardshell protective case for the iPad with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard, enabling users to carry their iPads around with a high degree of safety and security…and use the devices much like a notebook computer wherever they choose.

rockfish icapsule turns an ipad into a notebook rocketfish

The iCapsule offers snaps-shut clamshell case for an iPad; fully loaded, the case comes in at 2.2 pounds. However, the iCapsule also features an integrated Bluetooth keyboard powered by two AA batteries: pop open the case, prop up the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation, and you’ve got the best of both the table and notebook computing worlds. The iCapsule is not certified to be resistant to moisture, dust, or invading aliens, but many iPad owners are more comfortable with a hardshell case rather than a foam sleeve or other soft protective skin for their devices. They 85-key keyboard lacks a numeric keypad but does sport a series of keys for iPad-specific functions, like controlling volume, moving between tracks, copy and paste, activating a virtual keyboard, and searching.

The Rockfish iCapsule is available now for a suggested retail price of $99.99.