Rook’s unique iPad and E-reader cases give your gadget an old-world feel

rooks unique ipad and e reader cases give your gadget an old world feel rook case

Everyone knows that the iPad, Kindle, or Nook that you are holding is a piece of wonderful high-tech goodness. There’s no need to bolster that image with a high-tech case that protects your device but looks like something you bought from the clearance bin at Staples. Black neoprene or polyester is protective and all, but we suggest something a little more creative, no matter what style category you fit into. If you’re the type who has a collection of favorite albums on vinyl, wears what we like to call “barista glasses,” and maintains that a bookshelf full of real, live books is a sign of intelligence, then we may have found the perfect case for your iPad, iPad 2, Kindle, or Nook. 

Rook Case‘s  creative and unique cases ($37+) are handcrafted and custom-designed for your device and even your color preferences. The cases are made of a one-piece CNC-milled birch tray as well as a folio style cover that is made from classic book cloth and an elastic strap to keep everything in place. Buyers can choose from six different exterior cloth colors and 10 different interior colors to create a unique and personalized combination. If you really want to take things back a few years, you can also get cases that are made from classic book covers like Huckleberry Finn. When finished, the case looks something like a mix between a classic book and a trendy Moleskine notebook. No matter which colors you choose, Rook’s cases make for a nice way to give your high-tech gadget a more old-school feel.