Rumor: iPad Mini with Retina Display not coming out until after summer

ipad-mini-02When Apple first debuted the mini version of its iPad, the iPad Mini, in October of last year, it was welcomed with rave reviews. It offered all of the same functionality as the larger predecessor, but at a fraction of the size and, more importantly, price. The one thing that was missing, however, was the much-improved, crisp retina display that was introduced to the iPad’s third release.

There has been a lot of speculation that this spring would bring the introduction of a second generation of iPad Minis, which would come equipped with this better display, but, according to a report from cnYES, we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer before we see phase two. It seems more likely that they’ll make their way to the market later this year.

Despite the slightly sub-par display, the demand for the compact iPad has not wavered. In the fourth quarter alone last year, Apple shipped more than 13 million of them, and this year it’s expected to ship a total of 55 million.

What makes Retina display so special? According to Apple, this liquid crystal display that they created has pixels with such a high density, it claims that no pixelation is able to be detected by a person’s eye.

It’s disappointing that we’ll have to wait several months longer than we were expecting to, but for such a stunning display, it’s worth the wait. We’re hoping this new report is wrong, and that it is actually released sooner than later, but we’re not holding our breath.