Rumor: iTunes 11 to get radical overhaul, including iCloud integration

itunesRumor has it that Apple’s music management software, iTunes, will shortly be overhauled, possibly resulting in full integration with the company’s new cloud-based storage service, iCloud.

According to a post on iDownloadBlog, a source it describes as “reliable” says that iTunes “will be revamped from the ground up,” resulting in a slicker and cleaner interface compared to previous versions – no doubt music to the ears of the critics of this much maligned piece of software.

“The basic layout of the iTunes UI hasn’t changed since the first version,” the post says. “This new update will have a completely different UI and better iCloud integration.” So we’re not looking at a simple lick of paint here; more of a total rebuild.

The notable part is the suggestion that iCloud will be wrapped up with iTunes. “Rather than the iTunes Store being essentially a web browser, the Store will actually be integrated into the entire app – much like Spotify is currently,” iDownloadBlog says.

The post goes into more detail: “We’re also hearing that iCloud backups will be integrated into iTunes. This means if you back up your iDevice to iCloud, that same backup will be stored locally on your computer. Also, app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes. For example, if you beat a level in Angry Birds, that level data will be synced to iCloud and then to your iTunes library.”

The last time Apple‘s iTunes underwent any significant changes was almost a year ago with the launch of version 10. That release saw the introduction of Ping (music-focused social networking), 99-cent TV-program downloads, several syncing improvements, AirPlay support, and a few visual changes to its interface.