Rumor: Verizon launching LTE 4G iPhone in early 2011

iPhone on VerizonRumor has it that one of the phones to premiere on Verizon’s new LTE 4G network will the none other than the iPhone. Mac Daily News reported this morning that an anonymous source “familiar with the matter” had a list of reasons to believe Apple is coming to the carrier. The source claimed that Verizon held iPhone sales training last week that featured hands-on time with the LTE-enabled iPhones.

However, the smartphones will not be available until after Christmas, as the source said that this was “AT&T’s final demand so as to maximize [its] Christmas iPhone sales.” The source went on to claim that Steve Jobs is frustrated by other carriers inability to offer LTE and is ready to get Apple products using the service.

Before we indulge the speculation too much, it’s important to reaffirm that this is a single, anonymous source, and let’s not forget the long history of Verizon iPhone rumors. That said, if there is truth to this, a Verizon iPhone could be available in a month’s time. The idea of any network  besides AT&T carrying the iPhone seems ludricous, but just last month Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg reported that the carrier’s 4G developments weren’t going unnoticed by Apple. And let’s not forget that Verizon also sells the iPad, which some thought (or maybe hoped) was an indication of future collaboration between the two companies.

Finally getting access to arguably the most popular smartphone the market sounds like a huge coup for Verizon, but some sources claim otherwise. Cult of Mac is reporting that a leaked Verizon sales chartiphone_vs_verizon_sales illustrates how badly the company needs the iPhone. One chart shows that AT&T and iPhone quarterly sales easily outdid all Verizon smartphone revenue. Apparently, this has led Verizon to desperation, and the agreement to begin selling the iPhone on its network is a deal that will largely benefit Apple.  That is, if the agreement is even true.

But if it is, Verizon could see some climbing numbers, since many iPhone users would love to dump AT&T. Still, don’t get too ready to tear up that AT&T contract just yet — it’s a little early to say a Verizon iPhone is more than a myth.