Saddleback Leather Classic Chestnut Briefcase and iPad Sleeve

saddleback leather classic chestnut briefcase and ipad sleeve case

You know when the warranty for a product spans 100 years and covers “you or one of your descendants,” you’re buying something above and beyond average. So it goes for Saddleback Leather’s classic leather briefcase and iPad sleeve: two tough-as-nails accessories that are almost guaranteed to outlast the gadgets that will fill them.

This is not leather as you know it. Not if you’re used to buying leather from the likes of Sears and Wilsons, anyway. The full-grain boot leather used on both these products feels as stiff as a board, as tough as a car tire, and as heavy as wet canvas. If that sounds like a recipe for a sore neck and a raw shoulder, move on now. If that sounds like a challenge to break it to down through wear into a buttery soft, perfectly patinaed heirloom over the course of the next 50 years, consider yourself challenged.

saddleback leather classic chestnut briefcase and ipad sleeveAt eight pounds empty, the classic briefcase will challenge even the burliest Indiana Jones types after loading it up with a laptop and books, and start whipping you into Indiana Jones shape if your coddled shoulders are more used to nylon and foam than cowhide and steel buckles. We couldn’t quite manage to slide Maingear’s eX-L 17 into this beast, but it may have saved us a hernia in the long run. The iPad case, however, fits its intended gadgetry quite snugly: Just put it in button side up, unless you want it to turn on when it thuds into the bottom.

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