Samsung plans to sell 1 million tablets in 2010, LG tablet coming


Samsung has great expectations for the tablet market. The electronics company plans to sell more than a million copies of its Galaxy Tab by the end of the year, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Android tablet is a direct competitor to the iPad, with a 7-inch screen, dual cameras, a 1 GHz processor, and 16 GB of storage space. It will be available on several U.S. carriers starting Nov. 10 at varying price points ranging from $400 to $700.

“Various tablet sizes will be launched by many companies next year. In order to cement our strong presence in the tablet market, Samsung is also preparing other kinds of tablet devices,” said J.K. Shin, President of Samsung Electronics’ mobile business.

Samsung has already introduced the device in Europe and will launch it in Korea next week, along with the U.S. and Japan. It faces an uphill battle against Apple, which has already sold more than seven million iPads this year. With Apple now selling the iPad on Verizon, all competitors are likely nervous.

In addition to tablets, Samsung hopes to ship more than 20 million Galaxy S smartphones by the end of the year. It plans to double that number in 2011.

LG joins the game

Rival LG Electronics announced that its delayed tablet will finally hit shelves in the first quarter of 2011. The device will run Android “Honeycomb,” a future version of Google’s smartphone OS, and is tentatively titled the “LG Pad.” It will be unveiled sometime around February. The tablet was originally set for release this year, but LG was unhappy with how Google’s current Android version, Froyo, scaled to tablets, among other reasons.

Are you interested in a 7-inch tablet by Samsung or is Apple good enough? What about LG? Are tablets a big fad?

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