Say hello to Siri: Apple introduces you to your new best friend on the iPhone 4S

Last year Apple purchased a start-up called ‘Siri’ and it is clear to see that the technology acquired will be put to good use in the upcoming iPhone 4S.

Siri, or the software depending on how close you are already to your new artificial assistant,  can perform a multitude of functions. Apple demonstrated the application today at their live event in Cupertino, California and needless to say intrigued many of the journalists in attendance.

Essentially Siri will be able to operate like a personal assistant, setting up reminders, sending emails, even reading aloud your text messages enabling you to stay in touch hands free. Want to know the meaning of esoteric? Siri can handle that too, in fact Apple went to great lengths to stress that Siri can handle tasks we might normally need to type into Google. Siri can even make small chat, ask her “Who are you.” Siri will reply: I am a humble personal assistant…what’s better; she probably will never ask for a raise or time off…

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