Seagate introduces new collection of GoFlex external drives for Macs

seagate introduces new collection of goflex external drives for macs goflexdesk mac hero 320x340These new external drives are compatible with  Apple Time Machine, while maintaining the ability to work across both Windows and Mac OS X computers.

GoFlex for Mac drives can also be used with computers running Windows by simply downloading an HFS+ driver for Windows from Seagate, which will provide full read-write access to the drive from a Windows computer.

The new line-up of GoFlex for Mac external drives include:

  • GoFlex for Mac ultra-portable drive — a 2.5-inch portable drive is now designed for use with Apple’s Time Machine out-of-the-box. Pricing starts at $199.99 for 1TB, and $249.99 for 1.5TB.
  • GoFlex for Mac Limited Edition ultra-portable drive — this ultra-portable drive includes 1TB of storage into the standardized 2.5-inch form factor, making it the slimmest high-cap drive available on the market. Pricing is $199.95 for 1TB.
  • GoFlex Pro for Mac ultra portable — designed with advanced performance in mind for graphic artists, musicians and videographers, the 7200RPM, 2.5-inch drive includes a FireWire 800 cable to achieve transfer speeds up to three times faster than USB 2.0. Pricing is $149.99 for 500GB; $179.99 for 750GB.
  • GoFlex Desk for Mac drive — a 3.5-inch high-capacity external drive that backs up files using Apple’s Time Machine. Pricing ranges from $219.99 for 2TB and $279.99 for 3TB.

In addition, each GoFlex for Mac drive can be used with other devices in the GoFlex Storage System such as the GoFlex Net media sharing device and the GoFlex TV HD media player, allowing users to access content on their iPad or smartphone.