Show off your game fanaticism with Angry Birds iPhone cases

If you’re an iPhone user, we are betting that you are just as addicted to Angry Birds as we are. Hearing those little birds scream and squeal as they flail towards various obstacles is just too good not to enjoy. Plus, the game is shockingly addictive, despite the simplest design. If you are proud of your Angry Birds addiction and high scores, you might as well take the next step to insanity by covering your phone with an Angry Birds-themed case. The Angry Birds iPhone cases ($35) are made by Gear4 for the iPhone 4 and are available in Red Bird, Yellow Bird, or even the Pig King if you want to play devil’s advocate. The cases have an ultra-slim design that clips on to your phone to protect it from everyday bumps, bruises and falls. What else can we say? The perfect iPhone case for the Angry Birds fanatic. Not exactly classy, but we’ll forgive you, we promise.

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