Singapore startup offers tourists iPads for rent, relevant apps pre-loaded

facebook workplace singaporeYou’re traveling to Singapore. You’re reluctant to take your smartphone because the last time you used it overseas you were hit with a massive bill when you got home. You’d like to stay connected.

While many big cities have companies offering mobile phone rental for leisure and business travelers, a startup in the city-state of Singapore has recently launched a new service allowing visitors to rent a tablet instead.

The company, called TouristPads, offers Apple’s iPad for S$30 a day ($24), with a deposit of S$800 ($636) also required as part of the deal. If the iPad suffers any serious damage, the user is expected to pay the cost of repairing the device. Keep the tablet in the supplied Smart Case and you should be OK – providing you don’t accidentally launch it off the top of one of Singapore’s many skyscrapers, that is.

The 3G-enabled tablet comes pre-loaded with a bunch of Singapore-related travel apps, with users free to download their own. TouristPads assures users that a strict personal data erasure process is carried out once the iPad is handed back.

TechInAsia reported that the new service, which launched on Wednesday, was set up by three entrepreneurs living in the city.

If you’re interested in renting an iPad from the startup, you first need to let TouristPads know which dates you’d like it for. The company will then confirm the dates, and deliver and collect the device in person. To reduce the chances of the iPad mysteriously disappearing, the payment and deposit will be dealt with on delivery. A contract needs to be signed too, and ID shown.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the new service appeals to visitors. While some, of course, will be happy using their own smartphone (or renting one), others may prefer the slick user experience and larger screen offered by the iPad.

TouristPads currently has 20 iPads for rent. To find out more about the service, click here.

[Image: leungchopan / Shutterstock]