Small LED Camera Flash brightens up your iPhone photos

The improved sensor and larger aperture on the new iPhone 4S camera might solve this problem, but if you’re stuck with an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 3GS, taking photos in low-light situations is probably a bit of a struggle. The iPhone’s camera is better than most, but if you’re trying to take photos in a dark bar or another dimly-lit place, your photos are likely less than stellar. And judging by most people we know, you probably take more photos with your smartphone than any actual camera, so you might as well give it every advantage you can. Give your phone a little boost with the handy, and small, iFlash Camera Flash ($25).

This surprisingly small add-on plugs into your iPhone’s 30-pin dock connector and provides a bright LED flash to assist your phone’s camera. The iFlash is small enough to carry all the time and even has a 3.5 mm jack attachment to keep the flash at-hand at all times. The attachment also supposedly fits under most regular-size cases, making it even more appealing. It could come in handy as a regular old flashlight, too.

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