Solar ‘KudoCase’ offers up to ten days of free power for the iPad


As detailed on the official site, the KudoCase utilizes solar technology to help charge the iPad battery and may extend the life of the original charge up to ten days based on the amount of  daily use. Developed by a company called Wireless NRG, the KudoCase constantly collects energy while continuously charging the battery of the Apple tablet. Both outdoor and indoor light is collected by the solar ink panel and the case also houses an extra battery to store more energy when the iPad battery has a full charge. According to the company, the ten-day figure is based on a usage pattern of a couple hours per day at an average brightness level.

kudocase-blueSimilar to other smart cases, the KudoCase automatically puts the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed and wakes up the tablet when the cover is flipped open. On the bottom of the case, owners will find both a HDMI port as well as a USB port. By connecting a HDMI cable from the case to a video input on a television or projector, iPad owners can view presentations, movies or games on a larger screen.

The USB port allows KudoCase owners to charge compatible devices from the solar power stored within the case battery. For instance, a user that owns both an iPad and an iPhone could benefit from the solar power collected by the case. 

Ideal for forgetful iPad owners, the KudoCase also includes a beeping feature that’s triggered when the user whistles, particularly useful when running late for work or attempting to locate the tablet after lending it to another family member. According to the company site, the case is available in black, green, blue, gray and pink. The version for the iPad 2 and 3 retails for $199.95, but is currently backordered at the moment.