Sonos wireless iPod dock pumps tunes around the house

sonos wireless ipod dock pumps tunes around the house wd100

Adding yet another accessory to its streaming music system, Sonos announced the WD100 wireless iPod Dock on Thursday at CEDIA 2010. The slim white dock charges the iPod Touch just like any other, but also pipes music from it – and even the audio from apps like Pandora – to any Sonos-equipped room in the house.

sonos wireless ipod dock pumps tunes around the house wd100Just as with other Sonos sources, you can select the iPod with a wireless controller like the CR200, or even another iPod acting as a remote in the other room. The system allows you to browse the contents of its music library remotely, or just select “play now” to hear whatever audio it’s playing, whether that’s Internet radio or live baseball broadcasts. You do, however, have to select those sources manually on the iPod itself.

According to Sonos, the WD100 is compatible with all iPod touch models, the iPod classic, the third-, fourth- and fifth-generation iPod nano, and all iPhones. It will go on sale at the end of October for $119.