Spots in iPhone 4S lines across America are being sold on Craiglist


Typical to the majority of Apple product launches, profiteers are attempting to snag the opening spots in line to sell to the highest bidder. The vast majority of spots are being held at Apple stores all over the United States. The iPhone 4S goes on sale tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. eastern time for people that have preordered the phone. In New York City, the fifth spot in line at the SoHo Apple store is currently on sale for $700. Other spots on Staten Island, 5th Avenue and the flagship store on 59th Avenue are simply being pitched to the highest bidder. According to an article at PCMag, the person sitting at the front of the line at the Staten Island store is hoping to get a minimum of $300 for his spot in line.

iphone4-lineIn Los Angeles, people are selling their time and will happily stand in line for at least $20 per hour at the Century City Apple store. However, hiring someone to stand in line at the Glendale store will cost a flat rate of $300. A spot within the first 20 people at the Apple store in Sherman Oaks is priced at $250 per spot and the people standing in line are willing to accept a combination of cash and gift cards. At the Apple store in downtown Chicago, the first spot in line is being sold for $500 after Apple gave out VIP passes when the Chicago police forbid standing in line overnight.

However, the most ridiculously priced spot in line is being sold in Palatine, Illinois for an astounding $2,000. One spot that will never be sold belongs to Steve Wozniak at the Apple store located in Los Gatos, California. Per usual, Wozniak is holding the first spot in line for the iPhone 4S and started standing in line around 2 p.m. pacific time earlier today according to his Twitter feed.