4G LTE versions of the iPad Mini and full-size iPad both arrive at Sprint today (Update: AT&T too)

review apples ipad mini sports a smaller screen same great apps flSprint has announced it will be stocking the iPad Mini LTE and the cellular version of the fourth generation iPad from November 16. Sprint previously carried the Wi-Fi only version of Apple’s full-size iPad, but now its 4G LTE network coverage has improved, it has taken the opportunity to expand its compatible range of tablets too.

It’ll be the LTE version of the iPad Mini that’s likely to be the biggest draw for Sprint, as Apple has been uncharacteristically quiet about when it will see a wide release, so the “limited quantities” available through Sprint’s stores — only selected ones, so make sure you check before traveling — probably won’t last long.

If you’re already halfway out the door on your way to grab one, you’ll need $460 stuffed in your wallet for the 16GB version, $560 for the 32GB and — you’ve guessed it — $660 for the range-topping 64GB LTE iPad Mini. Sprint will also sell you a variety of data plans to go with your new tablet, starting at $15 per month with 300MB of data and moving up to $80 for 12GB.

There’s also a chance to add one of Apple’s tablets to your existing Sprint contract, where $15 extra bags you 1GB of data, and no activation fee.

Apple put the iPad Mini LTE up for pre-order on November 2, the same time as the standard Wi-Fi version, but didn’t expect the first deliveries to occur for at least two weeks. Reports that Apple had begun shipping the tablet started to appear earlier this week, and many could start to arrive today.

Update 11/16/2012 at 8:00am: AT&T has joined in with the cellular iPad fun, and will be offering the iPad Mini LTE and the fourth generation iPad from today, November 16, too. The press release doesn’t offer pricing details, and only mentions an add-on option for existing AT&T subscribers.