Steve Jobs doll abandoned after pressure from Apple lawyers and family

steve jobs doll abandoned after pressure from apple lawyers and familyApple lawyers are a busy bunch—if they’re not fighting patent-related battles in courts around the world, they’re working to prevent Steve Jobs dolls from being sold online to those who would want to have such an object adorning the shelves of their home.

Production of the doll, which an LA Times report accurately describes as “eerily lifelike,” has been abandoned by its maker because it says it came under “immense pressure” from Apple lawyers and Jobs’ family.

It’s not clear how many Apple fans had ordered the $100 doll, which was due to start shipping next month, but maker In Icons promised full refunds to anyone who had done so.

In a statement on its website, the company apologized for having to abandon the project. “We understand that this decision will cause many of the fans’ disappointment,” the statement said, “but please forgive us as there is no other alternative unless to have the blessing from Steve Jobs’s family.”

Had In Icons not bowed to pressure from Apple, purchasers would have received a 12-inch doll with the late tech guru dressed in his familiar black turtleneck and blue jeans. Movable joins meant the doll could be set in number of positions, such as the hand-to-chin pose familiar to those who’ve bought the recently released biography of the man, or with him tapping out a message on his iPhone with a pointed finger.

The doll also included three pairs of hands, two pairs of glasses and two apples, one of which had a bite taken out of it.

steve jobs doll abandoned after pressure from apple lawyers and family accessories

“I am still Steve’s fan,” the doll’s maker said in the statement. “I fully respect Steve and his family, and it is definitely not my wish or intention that they may be upset.”

It’s not certain whether the figurine would have appealed more to Apple fans or doll collectors, but either way, it looks likely to spend the rest of its days locked away in a dark closet.

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