Stream Music To Your Treo With Xdrive

Similar to the Apple iPod, Xdrive’s music service allows people to listen to music on the go, create play lists and personal albums.  But unlike the iPod, users don’t need to carry an additional device because the music is actually stored on a personal, virtual hard drive at Xdrive and streamed live over a wireless Internet connection.
By using Xdrive’s music service, members can protect their music collection from theft, loss or damage, while saving money by avoiding the purchase of a portable digital music player (the iPod mini costs $250).

To use Xdrive’s music service, Xdrive members should follow these simple

     1.  Install a music player on your Treo or PDA that supports the
         streaming of .mp3 (audio) and .m3u (playlist) file types.  Xdrive
         recommends Pocket Tunes Deluxe (

     2.  Upload music files to Xdrive, and use Xdrive’s features to create a
         playlist.  Members can have Xdrive’s tech team upload their songs by
         using the Mail in a Disk program.

     3.  Download your playlist to your local computer and use the palmOne
         Quick Install software to transfer the playlist file to your phone.

     4.  Locate the playlist on your phone using your music player, and play.

         The music will stream from Xdrive to your phone.

“Xdrive is no longer just a storage box for your files,” states Xdrive CEO Brett O’Brien.  “As today’s digital lifestyle becomes more pervasive, we are creating platforms and applications for people to do more with their files. Last year we launched a digital video sharing service, this month we launched Xdrive Music, and next month we plan to roll-out a photo album service similar to Ofoto and Shutterfly.”
“Pocket Tunes will turn any Palm OS 5 device into a portable audio player,” states Tim Norman, founder of NormSoft, Inc.  “Xdrive enables Treo and Pocket Tunes customers to enjoy thousands of songs through their cell phone, as opposed to the limited number of songs that the typical cell phone has room to store.”
Xdrive will costs $9.95 per month for 5 gigabytes of space (about 1,000 songs).  For avid music fans, Xdrive offers 10 Gigabytes for $19.90.  There is no additional fee to use the Xdrive music service.  Xdrive offers all new subscribers a 15 day free trial period.

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