Survey: Apple products dominate US kids’ wish lists, though Wii U also popular

unicef global innovations children youth summit kids using a tabletThere was a time, if you can believe, when come Christmas, kids wanted little more than a ball, a simple spherical object to throw, kick and bounce. For sure, it can still be seen to bring much joy to the faces of the little ’uns, but let’s be honest, times have changed. The iPad has been invented.

And it’s precisely this product which tops the results of a new survey by research firm Nielsen, which asked 3,000 children living in the US which gadget they’re most interested in buying (though more than likely it’ll be the parents writing the check) over the next six months.

Forty-eight percent of respondents put the 9.7-inch iPad at the top of their wish list, marking an increase of 4 percent on last year’s figure.

Other Apple products dominated the list – the new iPod Touch took joint third spot with the recently-launched iPad Mini, with 36 percent hoping to get their hands on these devices in the near future.

The iPhone appeared fifth in the table with 33 percent, which will possibly come as a surprise to some people – is it that many 6- to 12-year-old Americans already own Apple’s smartphone?

So with Apple taking four out of the top five positions, which product, you may wonder, has managed to grab the attention of the nation’s children enough to help it squeeze into the number two spot? At 39 percent, it’s the new Nintendo Wii U. If parents take any serious interest in their children’s wish list, the Japanese company will be delighted, though Apple of course will be positively ecstatic.

Looking down at the bottom end of the list, 19 percent like the look of the Kindle Fire, 16 percent an Android smartphone, and 6 percent Microsoft’s new Surface tablet.

If you’re a parent reading this, does Nielsen’s list look familiar? Are you toying with the idea of getting your kid an iPad this holiday season, or are you going to opt for a variety of balls instead?

survey apple products dominate us kids wish lists though wii u also popular nielsen nov2012

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