The best free iPhone apps for Black Friday bargain hunting

the best free iphone apps for black friday bargain hunting blackfriday

Black Friday is days away, and the race to find the best gifts at the lowest prices will soon be on. This year, your iPhone can be your ally and help you efficiently browse, locate, and compare everything on your list. And why spend when you’re trying to save? We’ve found the top free iPhone apps to help make your Black Friday shopping go as smoothly as possible.

tgi black fridayTGI Black Friday

This is our number one pick for Black Friday apps. It includes all the necessary standard features, such as the ability to create your own list, a countdown, and the option of e-mailing your list or specific discounts. Unlike most other apps though, it includes downloadable PDF ads for each store, which lends it a certain credibility. Anyone who’s been told a coupon they heard about doesn’t exist will be able to pull up the printed ad right away to prove any incorrect salespeople wrong.

Black Friday appBlack Friday App

What this app lacks in style it makes up for in substance. It’s organized and uncluttered UI help for easy navigation of discounts, your list, and specific stores, and also ranks the “hotness” of each deal. Each time you view an individual item, you can choose to dismiss it, “Buy Now,” or “Save.” And every time you hit “Save,” the app will add it to your automatically generated list. It also includes information on whether or not a discount has been confirmed and if it’s in-store or online only, all with conspicuous icons that keep you from having to scroll through tiny text on your iPhone.

BF Wish

Black Friday Wish

Black Friday Wish works to cut down on the time users spend trolling through coupons. It lets you choose between browsing through popular deals or all deals and comes complete with pricing, how much you save, and where you can find it — all in an easy-to-read tab. Most appealing for true Black Friday fanatics is the “Door Buster” tab, which lets you easily navigate through the early morning deals while also including what time doors will be opening at each retailer.


While it’s not Black Friday specific, ShopSavvy offers a few things that will definitely come in handy when November 26 rolls around. First of all, it keeps a running feed of recent discounts, most of which are holiday sales for the time being. Unfortunately when you select an individual deal for details, it sends you to the retailer’s web site instead of summarizing it for you in an easier to read format. To make up for this indiscretion, the app includes a very effective and quick barcode reader which will reveal the price, online and local stores where you can find the item, and even reviews. It also saves your scanning history so you can reference later.

SaleSaver LTSale Saver LT

On Black Friday, every second counts, so those precious moments lost every time you stop to calculate how much something marked at 43-percent off will really be (including tax) can be a game killer. This app simply lets you slide a bar to choose the percent discount, takes account of tax, and spits out your price. There’s no wait either, it works automatically. Depending on your state’s sales tax (or lack of one), it might be more of a ballpark amount. But if you are hung up on sales tax…

World Tax CalculatorWorld Tax Calculator

…you should download the World Tax Calculator app. Any explanation is unnecessary here, but we’ll humor you: Simply choose your state, tap in the starting price, and there it is, including tax.

price grabberPriceGrabber

PriceGrabber is another barcode reader app, but also includes a nifty gift shaker with it for shopping inspiration. It also has a price alert feature, so if you want to scan a certain item a few days prior to Black Friday and place it on price alert, the tool will notify you as soon as it’s on sale. And of course, like any good scanning app, it will list for you all of a gift’s retailers and their prices.

The DealmapThe Dealmap

The Dealmap app has a Black Friday option available right now, so it will bring up Google Maps with icons and information for every location in your area offering discounts. It will also give you directions on how to get there and a complete, detailed list of all sale items and pricing. If you’re ambitious enough to hit up multiple retailers on the 26, this app will keep transition time at a minimum.