The best iPad apps for kids

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Words With Friends HDWords With Friends HD$2.99

Okay, we threw this one in the mix because we adults are addicted to it, but the 10- to13-year-olds in our group love it as well, making it a fine way to stay connected with your preteens and help build their vocabulary. The game, which is the very same concept as Scrabble, can be played over the course of minutes, hours, or even days. Yes, we had to throw a few challenges to keep the young’uns confidence up, which only resulted in a slew of trash-talking texts via the WWF interface — a somewhat overused feature amongst the tweens!

Words With Friends HD

My First Tangrams HDMy First Tangrams HD$1.99

We were positively blown away by the 2-year-olds ability, at the end of our tests, to turn on the iPad, find this app and get started playing, and even complete most of the puzzles by dragging and dropping the geometrical shapes into patterns to create cute and colorful little pictures. This is a wonderful app for toddlers who easily loose “analog” puzzle pieces!

My First Tangrams HD

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