The portable iPhone MetalDock hits all the right angles — literally

Bracketron MetalDock iPhone portable docking station

A lot of my friends say they don’t bother to wear watches anymore because their phones will help them tell time. The same is true for those who’ve replaced alarm clocks, timers, and cameras because it’s all pre-installed in their iPhones. Still, this might mean you have your phones placed flat on the end table next to your bed, or sometimes even in bed next to your pillow. With Bracketron’s MetalDock iPhone stand, you can double your phone as all the things you intended it to with a better view and a more attractive look.

The MetalDock is shaped like an L which can be placed in portrait or landscape angles. While simultaneously charging your iPhone 4 or 4S, the MetalDock allows the phone to clearly display time and date with your app of choice. The body is also made with heavy-duty metal for durability, yet maintaining a lightweight form that’s easily portable. Dress up a hostel to make your overnight stays in foreign places feel a bit more like home. The rubberized feet will also hold the device in place without any slippage.

Equipped with a 3-inch cable, the MetalDock is intended to be a bedside or office table accessory to keep your device helpful without losing juice. The cable connects via USB power and can also sync the phone to your computer. You can purchase the MetalDock from Bracketron when it unveils in June for $35. The product will also be showcased alongside the company’s eco-friendly GreenZero line at CTIA in New Orleans this week.

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