These Etsy smart covers take your iPad 2 back in time

these etsy smart covers take your ipad 2 back in time electric library embossed cover gear patrol

We’re a fan of Apple’s Smart Cover for at least a handful of reasons, the primary one being that it doesn’t add much bulk to the sleek iPad 2 but still offers good protection for the glass screen. We also like that it has magnets that will sleep and wake your device and is foldable into a viewing stand. As great as it is, it’s become ubiquitous and customization only goes as far as which solid color choice you’d prefer. We’ve stumbled upon an Etsy seller who managed to hit two out of three of our favorite smart cover features in his own unique design. 

Etsy seller punkassjim (yes, really), otherwise known as Jim Thorpe, has created a smart cover with a vintage vibe that even has an ironic twist. The idea came to Thorpe when he stumbled across a photo of an old electrical handbook that read “Audel’s New Electric Library,” with subtitles saying “Questions and Answers” and “With Illustrated Diagrams.” Well, Thorpe thought the vintage book cover had such a perfect description of the modern iPad that he decided to make a smart cover out of it. Not only does the hand-carved embossing plate have a great design, but we like the touch of humor. 

Each Embossed Leather “Electric Library” smart cover ($89) is made by hand with leather from a local shop, so each cover will be unique and have its own imperfections. The inside of the cover features soft microfiber, which will help keep the screen clean and free of scratches. The cover has a magnetic hinge and embedded magnets to sleep and wake your iPad as well as keep it closed when not in use. Because of the embossed leather design, the cover does not fold into a stand. Right now, the cover is made-to-order in either blue, green, brown, or black.