TidyTilt acts as a modified Smart Cover for your iPhone

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One of the most exciting parts of the release of the iPad 2 was the Smart Cover design that came along with it. Using magnets within the device, the thin cover could make the device sleep and wake while keeping it protected, and also acting as a folding stand to prop up the iPad for viewing or other uses. If you’re a fan of the clever Smart Cover that is available for the iPad 2, you can now have something similar for your smaller Apple device. The TidyTilt for iPhone ($19 for preorder) uses a two-part system to create a similar cover and stand for the back of your phone. 

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The two-piece cover system, which consists of the cover itself and a thin magnetic strip that attaches to your phone, has three obvious and compelling uses. Besides protecting the back of your phone from scratches and the like during use, the TidyTilt functions as a handy foldable stand for watching videos or playing games. The “tidy” part of the moniker comes from the second handy use of the cover: whether it is attached to the back of your phone or separated, you can use the folding cover to keep your earbuds or charging cord neatly wrapped up and untangled. Last but not least, the thin magnetic strip on the back of your phone will also allow you to mount your phone to other surfaces, like your fridge while you are cooking. The TidyTilt is available in green, blue, black, and pink.