Tiny and inexpensive Barnacle gives you a go-anywhere iPhone stand

tiny and inexpensive barnacle gives you a go anywhere iphone stand barnacle3Once in a while a design or invention comes along that is so inexpensive and brilliant we just can’t resist its charms. The Barnacle ($5) got our attention with its itty-bitty price tag and its smart, clever design. For less than the price of a food cart lunch, you can have a portable suction cup stand for your iPhone that will work just about anywhere. Attach it to the kitchen counter while your kids play games, keep it on your desk to give your phone a better viewing angle, or suction it to your windshield in place of a full navigation dock. It’s small enough to carry in a purse or pocket, which gives it way more possible uses than a bulky stand or car dock that you’ll never spontaneously use. 

The Barnacle applies to the iPhone with the push of a thumb, and there is a small included tab to help you pull it off if the suction forces are too much for you. Users can apply the device to different areas of the phone to get different angles. Place the Barnacle upside down near the top of your phone to attach it to the wall while you sleep, for example. You’ll wake up and be able to snooze your alarm or ask Siri what the weather’s like without having to dig around for your phone under your pillow. It may not be the most high-tech iPhone accessory we’ve ever seen, but it’s one that we can come up with endless uses for, and at only $5 a pop, that makes it a worthwhile investment to us. Available in black, white, or orange.