Toys R Us increases electronics offerings

toys r us increases electronics offerings sgWith the holiday season fast approaching, Toys R Us announced this week that it has increased the amount of tech and electronics it’s selling in its stores.

In a statement released by the company this week, it said it had made the move in an effort “to stay at the forefront of emerging trends for kids and families.”

New and expanded categories include:

– prepaid mobile phones

– tablet computers

– headphones

– digital cameras

– accessories for Apple products, including power cords, car chargers, speakers, headphones and docks.

The statement said that Toys R Us stores had redesigned its electronics section, adding more space and adopting an open-plan style. Interactive displays have also been introduced.

At the same time, Toys R Us has worked to strengthen its leadership position in family-oriented video games and movies, licensed electronics, musical instruments and karaoke, the statement said.

Troy Peterson, a spokesperson for the retail giant, commented on the changes. “At Toys R Us, we continually seek ways to offer the latest in consumer electronics products and we are excited to add new portable items to our assortment such as no contract mobile phones, tablet computers, electronic reading devices and more.”

He continued: “Our customers are sure to enjoy the newly redesigned department, which allows them to get hands-on experience with many of our new products, as well as demos of some of the hottest video games available.”

The move by Toys R Us indicates that the company sees consumer electronics as the key to boosting profits in the run up to Christmas and beyond. If the decision to give more floorspace to tech pays off, we might even see a name change, although Toys and Consumer Electronics R Us hardly rolls off the tongue, does it.

[Image: Terence]