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Trends with Benefits: Primus triggers mom-rage, Google’s stank solution

A magnet won’t stick to solid gold, but will Internet hatred stick to a $17,000 solid-gold Apple Watch? Yes, yes it will.

With Game of Thrones season approaching, Ian restarts his HBO subscription (apparently he only keeps it for three months) and the rest of the panel ponders whether Apple’s exclusive on the HBO Now streaming app will give it a leg up. Meanwhile, Showtime piles on with its own streaming app, and Sony wanders off into the weeds with a streaming service that costs as much as a cable subscription.

The story of an enraged mom who shot her own TV when her kids wouldn’t stop watching it raises more questions than answers … mostly about the Primus music video they were apparently watching when it happened. Which video? How did a 16-year-old in 2015 discover Primus? Which channel was showing music videos?!

Google designed a fan that detects body odor and dispenses fragrance to stem your stench, but Caleb has other plans for it. And no one is ever sitting in his desk chair again.

This week’s panel includes Digital Trends’ CEO Ian Bell, managing editor Nick Mokey, A/V editor Caleb Denison, staff writer Drew Prindle, and host Greg Nibler.

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