Twelve South Bookarc for iPad is a lightweight viewing stand

twelve south bookarc for ipad is a lightweight viewing standThe iPad is a thing of beauty in both form and function, but it can do so much that sometimes we want it to serve as a handheld computer, gaming console, photo studio, and TV all at once. Luckily, the iPad is capable of all of these things, but for the best user experience when doing more than just surfing the Web, sometimes you need a little help. That’s where the handy Twelve South Bookarc for iPad ($30) comes into play. This sleek, curved iPad stand fits perfectly into the Apple aesthetic and gives users four different viewing and working positions to accommodate every possible function your iPad can perform. 

The Bookarc is made from heavy-gauge steel for stability and features a reversible and removable silicone insert to keep your iPad cushioned and protected while sitting in the stand. The stand features two different modes that both work with the iPad positioned in either portrait or landscape mode. The work mode holds the iPad up at a 75-degree reclined angle, perfect for working with a keyboard or doing other tasks where you might need an angle and access to the home button. In storage mode, the iPad sits upright in either position — ideal for charging your iPad, using it as a movie screen, or displaying photos to friends. 

The curved design elevates your iPad just enough that you are always able to charge your iPad via the USB cable. The curved design also makes the stand less-than-ideal for taking on-the-go, but keep one of these in your kitchen or home office and we’ll be you come up with a hundred uses for it.