UK Hotel Offers Guests Complementary iPad Use, For $3K a Night

The iPad has yet to be released internationally yet, but those desperate to hold the tablet and test it out have a chance to do so in London’s affluent Berkeley Hotel. For a mere $2,799 per hotel offers guests complementary ipad use for 3k a night ber 741

An average night at The Berkeley may run $450 or more up to $780, but those with an appetite for Apple and a love of gadgetry can splurge for one of the selected suites that feature an iPad in their room. The Berkeley’s website touts the experience, promising that guests will have their favorite newspapers waiting for them when they wake, as well as a “A wide range of games, videos and comic books is available for children and our experienced Concierge team has created their personal Top 5 of must-visit places – shops, exhibitions, local attractions and some hidden gems – which are clearly mapped so that you can plan your itinerary.”

With the iPad already having been delayed once due to high American demand, and at least one website predicting that the recent spike in sales following the 3G release that saw over 1 million units sold may cause another delay, this may be the only way to assure that Brits can get their hands on the Apple device, shy of just flying to America and buying one for half the price of a night at The Berkeley.