Ultraportable MacBook Speculation

    At the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the banners wildly declare “There’s something in the air,” and indeed there is. As the MacWorld expo starts today, analysts are betting that Apple boss Steve Jobs will announce a new, ultraportable MacBook laptop, which some believe will be half the thickness of older models and with flashed-based storage rather than the usual hard drive, according to ZDNet.   The same analyst told USA Today that he also believes it could utilize a touchscreen, a la iPhone, rather than a mouse.   Of course, rumors always run wild before MacWorld, but those making predictions seem very certain, and the roll out next quarter of Sprint’s WiMax technology, due in many new notebooks, certainly doesn’t dampen the flames.   What else might be on the cards? Possibly a new iPhone with 16GB of storage, movie rentals through iTunes, and maybe a 3G iPhone.   We’ll all find out very soon.

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